Realbanc HC Development Limited “Realbanc HC” is the construction and development company of Realbanc. Realbanc HC has managed and provided construction solutions to various projects across Nigeria and South Africa. Realbanc HC has evolved to become one of the most reliable construction and development companies in the country.


Realbanc HC believes in building environmental friendly project such as private and public housing, offices and retail units, schools and hospitals. This approach combined with strong values and a high sense of honesty, integrity and excellent work ethics has enabled the company to gain the confidence of numerous clients and has served as a catalyst for Realbanc HC to be chosen as a local partner for various international construction companies. Being a multifaceted construction company, Realbanc HC undertakes complex development and construction projects for clients.

These services include advising clients on appropriate development that meets both current and future market demands, services include but are not limited to:


• Undertake development and construction project for clients.
• Advise on concept development.
• Review and approval of drawings and concept development.
• Selection of project team.
• Provide overview of the project team to ensure they deliver on their tasks.
• Ensure that projects are executed in a qualitative, quantitative and timely manner.
• Assign adequate resources to all projects embarked on.

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