Real Estate Agency

Realbanc Limited is a Real Estate Investment Advisory company offering full range of Real Estate services to the business and public community with areas of additional specialization.

The company is equally balanced in the provision of a wide range of real estate services and specific enough to sense, serve and satisfy our clients’ needs.

Realbanc’s approach to clients’ needs combined with a strong knowledge of the market place enables the company to respond constructively and sets us apart from other real estate organizations.

Realbanc’s aim is to establish a one-on-one relationship with our clients so that we can take a hands-on approach to their business projects and respond promptly with well informed and commercially astute advice, tailored to their individual circumstance.

Realbanc services include:

  • Real Estate Agency Services
  • Real Estate Strategic Marketing
  • Real Estate Investment & Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Finance Brokerage

Real Estate
Agency Services

  • Find real estate in accordance with our clients’ needs, specifications, and cost.
  • Assist clients in making an offer for the property.
  • Negotiate price and terms on behalf of our clients.
  • Prepare standard real estate lease/purchase contracts.
  • Act as a fiduciary for our clients.
  • Provide comparative market analysis.
  • Make recommendations and suggest improvements that would add value to a client’s property.

Real Estate
Finance Brokerage

  • We act as Real Estate Financial Intermediaries.
  • We aid the matching of economic entities that need capital with those that have capital.
  • Arrange and mediate over all activities necessary for financial close.
  • We facilitate all activities till its financial closure.

Real Estate
Strategic Marketing

  • Realbanc provides clients with real estate market analysis.
  • Realbanc provides a holistic marketing approach/plan to developments.
  • Execute the marketing plan.
  • Realbanc will advertise and markets every property entrusted to us.
  • Our Real estate Agency ensures that we deliver this service to the utmost satisfaction of our clients through various marketing strategy/communications methods to disseminate information regarding the services we provide.

Real Estate
Investment Advisory

  • Realbanc advise clients on investment in real estate providing them with data and analyzing information that will enable them to make intelligent real estate investment decisions.
  • Offer advise on best areas to invest in the real estate sector.
  • Offer financial and funding structure for the development.
  • Advice on best/preferred way to sell large developments.
  • Advise on concept development.
  • Our Advisory team, are skilled in helping clients make informed and grounded choices about their real estate needs.

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